Positive Books for Girls!


When girls read stories with positive representations of characters like them, they learn valuable self-confidence skills while having fun.

What we read at a young age can have a powerful impact on what we believe throughout our lives. That’s why I’ve championed the importance of books that depict the experience of girlhood in a positive light.

That might mean plenty of pink, strong friendships and an emphasis on style. But the most important qualities I believe all girl books should have are a critical, meaningful messages and helpful tips for overcoming life’s obstacles. It’s not always easy to find stories that celebrate the joys of girlhood without sacrificing a supportive message.

Here are 3 books that embody all of these positive qualities:

Book 1: Beauty, Friendship and Adventure

DonaeCangelosi Chramosta’s The Vintage Contessa & Princessa tells the story of a Princessa who dreams of helping her mother plan the perfect charity event to honor her best friend. The book is about appreciating inner beauty and learning to deal with challenges. Chramosta and her daughter Bella infused their shopaholic passion into this adventurous tale of treasuring love in hard times.

Book 2: Inspiration and Overcoming Heartbreak

At the center of Zoey Leslie Hess’ The Birthday of an Angel is a heartfelt contemplation on the journey of grief. This young author writes from a place of understanding. After losing her Papa in 2010, she wanted to show how lost loved ones never truly leave us. Her inspirational story does just that.

Book 3: A Positive Princess for Girls

My own picture book, Little Miss Molly, is about a playful princess lizard who loves pink. Molly is a character who enjoys make-believe and being the center of attention, but who ultimately realizes that courage and kindness are more valuable than prettiness.

What positive books for girls inspire you?

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