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Unleash the Authors in Your Classroom

Geared to the Upper Elementary Level 1 and Middle School Level 2 ? 2 Hours

Children’s Author, Melissa Williams offers students a day of creative fun as she shares the inspiration behind her chapter books, Iggy the Iguana, Turtle Town and the comic character at the iWRITE Literacy Organization, “i” The Guy, while spending the day teaching specific creative writing and character development techniques used in popular books and stories, including:

  • Brainstorming Exercises
  • Character Development, including the use of archetype roles, critical to the development of fictional characters
  • The Creative Writing Process – Story structuring and what goes in the beginning, middle and ending acts of a story
  • Important aspects of the conflict, climax, & character change
  • Theme development, utilization of the senses, emotion & imagery
  • Important things to consider – Including hooks, audience and voice
  • Different Writing Styles
  • The editing and publishing process with examples of befores and afters.

These Workshops are designed to utilize handouts and exercises used in Melissa’s writing classes. Students will need to bring a pencil, paper and printed out worksheets to the workshop.

All students will receive information about Melissa Williams’ publishing contest for kids called I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids presented by iWRITE.

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