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Curious how to navigate through the writing and publishing industry?
Private Consulting from the founder of LongTale Publishing and the iWRITE Literacy Organization.

Melissa will help you navigate the publishing industry. Whether you wish to self-publish, submit to LongTale Publishing or need story critiquing, Melissa will meet your needs at any stage of the publishing process. As an entrepreneurial writer and publisher, Melissa has seen all sides of the ever changing publishing industry.


As the publishing industry has drastically changed, so has the way people market to sell. First and foremost, writers must learn their audience, and in this case understand what gets a child to want to read a story over again and what gets a parent to want to purchase a book.

  1. Learn the secrets to writing a great story that kids want to read.
  2. Understand the book production process from copyright ownership, printing options, different forms of editing to distribution.
  3. Learn how to create a niche and sell your product in this over-saturated market of books.

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