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Iggy the Iguana Chapter Book Series

The fictional series inspired by the author?s love of a childhood pet. Follow Iggy?s elementary journey as he starts a new school and discovers how differences open his eyes to new friendships in unexpected places.

Turtle Town Chapter Book Series

The spin off series to the Iggy the Iguana books. When Snap Shell, the box shell turtle, leaves his best bud, Iggy, behind for the beaches of California, his professional surfing dreams may become a reality, even if he doesn?t belong in the ocean.

Turtle Town, author, author school visits, creativity literacy expert

Little Miss Molly Books (English and Spanish available)

Iggy?s little sister, Molly, has a serious obsession with PINK! This colorful picture book will capture everyone?s inner princess as little Molly learns that friends must share, even their favorite things, if they want to be pretty on the inside.

Shiver (English/Spanish)

The bilingual picture book for marine-life lovers! Trevor the Tiger Shark searches to find a place where he belongs. Life can be tough for a shark who just wants to make some friends.

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?i? The Guy Writer?s Journal

The mascot at the iWRITE Literacy Organization has his own interactive journal for students and teachers. Go on a creative writing adventure with ?i? The Guy and his friends inside your classroom or at home.

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